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EHS : Environment, Health and Safety

The safety and health of people, the satisfaction of customers, employees and the protection of the environment are our commitments.

The mission of Saint-Gobain Ocean Indien is to add value to the construction market through easy, economical and safe solutions, fulfilling the brand's promises:

  • We care about people's well-being;
  • We care about what matters to people;
  • We care about our long-term responsibility.
To this end, we commit to:

Train and sensitize all employees and relevant stakeholders to the importance of Environmental Quality and Safety issues.

Comply with customer requirements and compliance obligations in the development, production and marketing of products and solutions, minimizing the respective environmental impact and risks.

Prevent the occurrence of incidents and accidents by actively managing Safety and the Environment. 

Make employees responsible for their safety and that of colleagues, promoting consultation and participation of workers, providing healthy and safe working conditions, to achieve the goal of “zero accidents at work” and “zero occupational diseases”. 

Protect the environment by promoting the sustainable use of material and energy resources, leading to the goal of “zero environmental accidents” and the “maximum possible reduction of the impact of our activities”.

To achieve our goals, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) in a responsible and open manner.