ABE Chemical Anchor

General Construction
Chemical anchor based on two part polyester resin, styrene free
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Chemical anchor based on two part polyester resin, styrene free


Low VOC, styrene free, two part polyester resin chemical anchor in a single, easy dispensing cartridge.


• Anchorage on any supporting material, especially hollow materials.
• For structural anchoring from medium to heavy loads.
• On brick, masonry and concrete.
• On marble, natural stone and wood.
• Suitable for fixing screw sleeves, threaded concrete rods, anchoring hollow panels, railings, shutters, façade cladding, reinforcement bars, screw sleeves, etc.
• In solid and hollow masonry, concrete and bricks.


• Easy application.
• Does not expand, does not create additional stresses on base material.
• Quick application and turnaround time.
• High penetration into porous areas.
• Low odour, can be used indoors.
• Good chemical resistance to corrosion by acids and alkalis.
• Thixotropic texture.
• Rapid cure & strong grip.
• Suitable for applications in damp conditions.
• Static mixer included.


  • 290ml


  • Grey


Technical Information

Attribute Category Value
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