Durarep 60 & 180

Concrete Repair and Protection
Rapid-setting cement-based water-stopping powders.
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Rapid-setting cement-based water-stopping powders.


Dura.®rep 60 & 180 is a one component, cementitious blend which sets rapidly after addition of a minimal amoun of clean water. They are fast setting mortars, which are easy to apply for the purpose of curtailing water seepages and similar diffi cult to apply situations. Under ambient temperatures of 20 ºC the initial set times to be expected are:
dura.®rep 60 - approximately one minute.
dura.®rep 180 - approximately three minutes.


Dura.®rep 60 & 180 is used to stop water fl ow through porous substrates and to provide a rapid temporary patch in concrete, brick and porous substrates, such as underground basements, lift shafts, tunnels, sewage manholes, pipes and mining installations. The mortar can be applied on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.


• Stopping negative pressure water migration in emergencies.
• Ready to use powder blend - only the addition of clean water is required.
• Excellent bonding to most porous substrates. Fast setting patch repair resolving seepage problems quickly.
• Contains no chlorides.


  • 1 kg
  • 5 kg



Technical Information

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