Durarep FMC

Concrete Repair and Protection
Shrinkage compensated fluid micro-concrete.
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Shrinkage compensated fluid micro-concrete.


Durarep FMC is a cement based nonshrink concrete reinstatement grout, which can be applied by pouring or pumping. The select grading of aggregates and special additives ensures that there is no segregation when pouring, that the thermal coefficient of the cured product matches that of the concrete, that the product has improved strength and is less permeable.
The product is supplied in a ready to use form requiring only the addition of a small amount of water for easy mixing to produce a fluid consistency. This can then be applied 50 mm or thicker into suitable shuttered repair areas.


Durarep is particularly used for:
• Reinstatement of large sections of structural concrete with greater than 50 mm thickness.
• Can be applied in excess of 250 mm depending on the nature of the repair and the reinforcing.
• High fluidity required in restricted or congested reinforcing steel elements where compaction or vibration is not possible.
• Shuttered applications for large pours where trowel or hand packed applications are impractical.
• Dams, weirs, bridges, buildings and concrete structures in general.
• Potable water retaining structures.
• Silos and water cooling towers.


• Has shrinkage control in the plastic and hardened phase.
• Exhibits excellent adhesion to concrete substrates without the use of primers.
• The high strength and low permeability provides protection against chloride and carbon dioxide corrosion.
• Alkaline nature will protect the reinforcing steel against corrosion.
• Can be pumped or poured into restricted or congested areas.
• Due to its fluid properties it eliminates honeycombing even without vibration or additional compacting.
• Ease of application only requires the addition of clean water.
• Constant quality/performance (preblended).
• Chloride free.
• Non-toxic.


  • 25 kg



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