Durarep FS

Concrete Repair and Protection
Fast setting emergency patching mortar for concrete pavements and structures.
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Fast setting emergency patching mortar for concrete pavements and structures.


Dura.rep FS is a one component, cementitious blend that sets rapidly after addition of a minimal amount of clean water. Its unique formulation ensures a durable patch repair that exhibits better properties than the concrete with improved water repelling properties.


Dura.rep FS is particularly useful for smaller patch type repairs to concrete offering a minimal amount of downtime to operations.
This product is and can be used indoors and outdoors for a variety of highway and heavy industrial repair jobs. The product is alkaline, which provides protection to the reinforcing steel in the repair area. Consult a.b.e.®’s technical department for larger type repairs areas. Dura.rep FS can be used for emergency repairs to concrete and masonry in areas such as:

  • Emergency repairs to potable water retaining structures 
  • Repairing voids and honeycombed areas
  • Patch repairs to elements like, airport aprons, concrete floors, roadways, pavements and access ramps
  • Also applied by gunning (wet or dry process)
  • Bedding mortar for concrete planks i.e. seats at sports stadiums, suspended flooring
  • Water cooling towers
  • Harbour wharf repairs


  • Ready to use, only requires clean water to be added
  • Highly compatible with and easily bonds to both concrete and masonry
  • The chemical action of the product is specially formulated to be fast acting, permitting completion of repairs in hours rather than of days
  • Easy to work, self-compacting at a flowable consistency
  • High ultimate strength
  • Economical, in some instances the product may be bulked using clean aggregate. (Consult a.b.e.®’s technical department)
  • Chloride free
  • Non-shrink
  • Fast curing and very rapid strength gain, can be trafficked in just 2 hours
  • Increased abrasion resistance over plain rendering (4 – 6 times)
  • Constant quality/performance (pre-blended).
  • Non-toxic


  • 25 kg



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