Durasil S

General Construction
Water-repellant treatment for concrete, masonry and stone.
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Water-repellant treatment for concrete, masonry and stone.


Dura.®sil S is a single-component, clear, penetrating, breathable silane-siloxane water repellent for use on exterior above-grade concrete, brick masonry and some natural stone to provide a hydrophobic surface to the pore structure.


Dura.®sil S, as a clear colourless coating, offers excellent water repellent properties to the surface/substrate, which enhances self-cleaning properties. Ideally suited for the exterior of most buildings including brickwork, cementitious finishes, natural stone and precast elements. Ideally used on reinforced concrete.


• Effective on new or old structures.
• Inhibits penetration of soot and grime; reduces unsightly staining.
• Easily applied by brush or spray.
• Preserves natural colour and texture of treated surfaces.
• Excellent water repelling properties.
• Colourless.
• Excellent resistance to weathering.
• Water vapor permeable, breathable.
• Signifi cantly reduces water absorption.
• No discolouring or staining.
• Reduces water and chloride intrusion.
• Reduces efflorescence.
• Allows water vapor to migrate from the structure.


  • 1L, 5L


  • Clear colourless


Technical Information

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