Epidermix 311

Silicones, Sealants and Adhesives
Underwater grade epoxy
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Underwater grade epoxy


A solvent-free underwater grade epoxy compound. Supplied as a component kit.


• Lining inside of damp concrete pipes (standard epoxies will not adhere).
• Underwater repair of ships’ hull coatings.
• Lining up-stream of concrete dams to stop seepage.
• Flooring – on wet floors – where dampness is a result of water applied on surface (not rising dampness), e.g. dairies, abattoirs and other environments.
• Underwater grouting or patching. May be used as a grout with graded silica sand. Mixing ratio 3:1 by volume of sand and epoxy resin.
• May be applied as a paint by roller or brush underwater


• Serves as a paint (roller or brush)
• Serves for grouting
• Underwater working
• Easy to work, gloss finish


  • 500ml
  • 5L


Clear light yellow

Technical Information

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