Flexothane 27

Silicones, Sealants and Adhesives
Single component hybrid construction sealant.
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Single component hybrid construction sealant.


Flexothane 27 is a thixotropic isocyanate, VOC free moisture curing sealant, based on Hybrid technology. It is a filled system that offers moisture and oxidation resistance and provides good adhesion to cementitious and steel substrates.


Flexothane 27 can be used as a general joint sealer and crack filler on cementitious surfaces. It provides medium chemical, wear  and corrosion resistance. A degree of colour change with time is to be expected. It is not recommended for use in water retaining structures. Flexothane 27 is overcoat able. It is recommended to do a compatibility test prior to application or painting.


• One component, easy to gun
• Non-sag consistency
• Non-tack/does not pick up dirt
• Good adhesion on the most common construction materials
• Over paintable with water or solvent based paints
• Good weathering and ageing properties
• Can be applied vertically or horizontally


  • 280 ml


 Black, White

Technical Information

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