Flexothane EPU

Silicones, Sealants and Adhesives
Abrasion resistant, epoxy modified, polyurethane joint sealant
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Abrasion resistant, epoxy modified, polyurethane joint sealant


Flexothane EPU is a two-component abrasion resistant, tough, epoxy-modified polyurethane joint sealant for use where limited joint movement is expected and resistance to chemical spills is a prerequisite.


Low movement joints in:
• Factory and warehouse floors.
• Chemical plants.
• Culverts.
• Spillways.
• Commercial centres.
• Petrol station forecourts.
• Airport aprons and hangars.
• Fuel depots.
• Bunded areas.
• Sea walls.


• Tough material, withstands heavy traffic, high abrasion resistance for use in culverts and sea walls.
• Good chemical resistance to a range of chemicals.
• Can be installed to a flush finish to protect the joint arises in factory or warehouse applications.
• Applied to vertical and horizontal joints.


  • 2L


Light grey

Technical Information

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