Sustainability actions Ocean Indien

Ocean Indien

Our sustainability actions in Mauritius

Saint-Gobain Ocean Indien has implemented several sustainable actions in line with its commitment to reduce its environmental impact and promote a circular economy. Some of these actions include:

Energy Efficiency

We implement energy efficiency measures throughout our activities, particularly by improving our manufacturing processes and equipment to consume less energy. We also raise awareness among our employees about preserving energy and encourage them to turn off electronic devices and lights when not in use through communication.

Waste Reduction

The company strives to reduce waste and increase the recyclability of its products. We also apply circular economy principles, such as closed-loop recycling of materials in our activities. All our teams participate in selective sorting, both in production processes and offices. Additionally, we organise training sessions to raise awareness among our employees, in the process of reducing carbon emissions.

Water Preservation

We established initiatives in order to reduce water consumption in our manufacturing processes. We have implemented water management systems to minimize the amount of water used in our activities and also invest in technology to recycle and reuse water.

Product Sustainability

Our innovative Gyproc and isover products are manufactured using environmentally-friendly production processes. By using recycled materials and providing good interior insulation, we are helping to create a greener, more sustainable future.

Overall, we have implemented a range of sustainable actions in line with our operations, demonstrating its commitment to reducing our environmental impact.