dry-shake mineral aggregate surface hardener
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dry-shake mineral aggregate surface hardener


abe.®cron is a ready-to-use product for hardening concrete floors.


• Hardening indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces subject to light or moderate traffic
• Applied over freshly levelled and floated concrete, this dry-shake surface hardener provides a low-cost solution for hardening new industrial, commercial or residential concrete floors.
• Areas where attractive, more uniform colour is desired to enhance the appearance of the floor and the working environment.
• Warehousing and storage areas, automotive maintenance areas and other maintenance facilities.
• Shopping centres, motels, schools, theatres, hospitals, car parks, pavements, driveways and patios.


• A floor surface with increased strength and improved wear resistance.
• Contains special components that provide uniform density, and improve the properties of the finished floor surface.
• Up to twice the serviceable life of a plain concrete floor.
• High-density, easy-to-clean surface.
• More resistant to liquid penetration than plain concrete.
• Basically concrete coloured, also available in a range of other colours.
• Highly cost effective.
• A floor surface equal in performance to the natural product and available in several attractive colours.
• Specially designed, long-lasting, light reflective properties that improve energy conservation and maximize the efficiency of existing or newly designed lighting systems.


  • 25kg




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