Duracure WBW

Water-based wax emulsion concrete-curing compound.
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Water-based wax emulsion concrete-curing compound.


Duracure WBW is a low viscosity, wax emulsion, water-based concrete-curing compounds. It is applied to green concrete or fresh cementitious surfaces as a non-penetrating film, which appears white after application but then dries to a clear film.
Duracure WBW contains a white titanium dioxide pigment, which will further reduce UV temperature gain.


Used for efficient curing of concrete in one easy spray application. Used for curing of large concrete surface areas, such as airport aprons, concrete roads and bridge structures as well as all general applications.


• The protective film retains moisture and facilitates more complete hydration of cement, thereby increases the strength and durability of concrete.
• Provides increased wear-resistance and curbs shrinkage, dusting and cracking.
• Prevention of moisture loss reduces permeability, producing a hard wearing, dust-free surface.
• Also available in white-pigmented grade that will assist as a visual guide during application and provide an improved UV barrier.
• Water based product provides easier cleaning and is a non-fire hazard.
• Easy and quick spray, brush or roller application.


  • 5L
  • 20L
  • 200L 




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